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July 31st, 2010

Our Crossfire Hack was just updated and given away to all members for a FREE week trial. If you want the best Crossfire Aimbot we have it and you can try it as well simply by becoming a site member. We have over 180,000 users and the #1 rated website in the world! Get our Cross Fire Hack by Clicking Here

Crossfire Aimbot (FPS)

September 16th, 2009

We have the best Crossfire Hack in the world to let you win every round you play. You can see the enemy coming before they turn the corner and our aimbot will instantly lock on and kill them before they even see you. As always we are and were the first site to come out with Cross fire hacks first.

Hack on Crossfire Features
These are the current features of the Crossfire hack (features will get updated randomly)

- Aimbot
o AimThru
o AimAt
o AimKey
o Visibility Check
o AutoSwitch
o Adjustable Field of View
o Aim Speed
o Human Aim

- Esp
o Name
o Distance
o Pose
o Weapon
o Health
o Line
o Bounding Box
o Enemy Warning
o 2D Radar
o Ignore friends

- Removals
o No Spread

- Misc
o Chat Spam
o Draw Fps
o Draw Time
o Draw Resolution
o Custrom crosshair

- Settings
o Menu Pos X
o Menu Pos Y
o Menu Width
o Radar Pos X
o Radar Pos Y
o Radar Size
o Crosshair Red
o Crosshair Green
o Crosshair Blue
o Save settings( 4 slots )
o Load settings( 4 slots )

An international mercenary corporation Crossfire is a home to discharged soldiers from special military forces around the globe. These soldiers share one thing in common: A past marked by grief and pain. Global Risk with its experienced veterans from special units could successfully expand by accomplishing difficult missions at magazines around the world. Cross fire hack has never participated in a war regardless of how much money is at the stake if they did not have a valid reason. The company continues to fight against the terrorists in different parts of the globe to protect and live by their belief.

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September 16th, 2009

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